The Best Explanation of Solar Panel Features

Most solar panels look alike, but there are different options when you are choosing a PV solar panel. For example, some modules are more efficient in hot weather while some others designed to work even with partial shading. Another option is modules with smaller dimensions (length and width) allowing more modules within limited space. You will also come across some modules that are priced ridiculously low that you tend to overlook many aspects of the specifications and that is a trap you should avoid. Buying smart, rather than buying cheap should be your overall objective.

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An overview of the basics

A solar installation has cells that are aligned into a module, and several modules are placed in an array. Each module has its electrical capacity measurable in amps/volts. Basic measurement for power is the watt which volts x amps (P=V x I) where the “I” denotes the intensity of the current. There are some companies manufacturing solar modules including some of the big names like Sanyo, Sharp, Sun Edison, etc. But, there are also smaller local companies, like Euro Solar company, producing quality solar panels. Big or small, the function of the solar panel is to convert sunlight into electrical energy. When a manufacturer packs more cells into each module, it gets heavier leading to more wattage from each module. The power output is measured in watts per square meter.

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Your important considerations:-

  • The size of your array expressed in Kilowatts – like 5 kW
  • The space that you have and dimension of the array
  • The load that your roof can take (including the mounting structure)
  • Anti-shading features needed if any
  • Extreme climate conditions

Your decision will also be guided by

Most modules are priced by kW and a factory test called STC or ‘Standard Test conditions value’. For instance, a 235-watt panel will have solar cells adding up to a total of 235 watts. Thus if each module has 60 cells, the cell is tested for 235/60 or just below 4 watts. The STC or output Watts is also defined as the nameplate wattage.

When the modules are of low wattage, they won’t be densely packed with the cells and therefore can be cheaper at first sight. Modules with a higher wattage, on the other hand, have a high density of cells and are therefore more expensive. It is a significant factor since appropriate space available on your roof may be limited. You should also know that the actual output and the nameplate rating can vary on the lower side of the rated tolerance. Another factor you can look for is the PTC or Practical Test Conditions which pitches lower than the STC. PTC is also regarded as more useful in comparison to STC because the test is conducted in outdoor conditions, in the real world. Further, some of the tax rebate programs may also call for a PTC rating as a qualifying criterion.

solar panel

Dimension of the modules

Your design must take into consideration, the space that is available on the rooftop. The modules will, therefore, need to be designed appropriately. Though the dimension of modules can vary from one supplier to the other, the standard offering is 5 ½ x3 ½ foot. Where space constraints are experienced, you are better off relying on the expertise of your vendor.


Efficiency rating of a solar installation is the amount of sunlight converted by one module into electrical energy measured as a percentage of total sunlight available. For instance, if the sunlight available is 1,000 watts and the module produces 100 watts of electricity, the efficiency is 10%. On an average, you can expect efficiency levels between 14 and 18% for medium quality modules. But with more technological innovations, this efficiency factor is constantly going up. Your focus should be on the most efficient module at a reasonable cost. However, if the space available on the roof is limited, you may need to buy expensive modules to meet your output expectations.


Other features

The following are some less critical features but can be important depending on individual circumstances installing the modules at an elevation.

Presently it is a standard practice to install the modules about 1 foot off the surface of the roof. This practice allows circulation of cool air. You can also explore the installation of a solar water heater in this intervening space to trap the radiated energy to heat the water.

Power tolerance

This specification represented as a percentage, is the range of electrical performance that considers the variable ambient temperature present around the solar modules. For instance, an 180-watt module having a +/- 5% tolerance can produce 189 to 171 watts based on a cold/hot day. Modules with only positive tolerance are considered advantageous.

Temperature Coefficient – Although it may sound somewhat strange, very high heat can result in decreased voltage translating to a lesser power. You should remember that electricity is generated from the light and not the heat. To learn more about co-efficient ratings, you can go here.

Regions where it gets really hot

If you live in a city/town where it gets really hot in some months of the year, you should select your solar panels with adequate care factoring in the condition. For more information on addressing this issue, please check out the recommendations here.

Technological advances

The Solar power sector has been receiving great attention in recent times. Many technological advances are happening around the world. You could be at an advantage updating yourself on these before you take the final decision on installing a solar panel/power system for your home. For instance, if your roof is due for replacement/restoration, some products can combine roof replacement as well as solar modules. In many situations, this could mean considerable savings for the homeowner, apart from giving an aesthetic look for the entire roof.

What are Camisoles?

A camisole, also known as a cami, is an undergarment (outwear as well recently) for women, loose-fitting and sleeveless, which covers the upper frame of a woman’s body and it is far shorter than a chemise. A camisole usually extends down to the waist region and it is also sometimes cropped for some exposure or extended to cover up the pelvic area. Camisoles are very comfortable as light materials are used in their manufacturing. A camisole is made from cotton, nylon, spandex or sometimes satin. A camisole made from cotton is everybody’s favourite.
camisoleIt has thin straps and it can be worn alone, or you can wear it over a bra. In 1989, had built-in underwire bra or some other kind of support which eliminated the need for a brassiere. Well, all this changed in the 21st century. Camisoles are now being used as outerwear.
There is a variety of sleeveless camisoles which offer moderate control of the bust and waist. These control camisoles are the most casual garments that cover the torso from above your breast to at or below your waist. In such control camisoles, the straps are little wider than a conventional camisole; the hems are somehow longer, and it is stretchy that provides a soothing touch.

What cloth material should we look for in a Camisole?

old style camisoles
Modern camisole fabric picks were advanced in the 1920s and 1930s when designers started out experimenting with the cami set. Shorter, tighter, extra beautiful set the trend high, and with them the appearance of lots greater sensual materials. Popular camisole fabric consists of:
Natural fibres like silk and cotton are very skin-friendly and make an excellent choice for the peeps with sensitive body portions. Satin fabric is quite very smooth and sleek, so it would feel luxurious to wear. These camisoles take complete care of your body. You should go for a satin camisole because of the level of comfort you get.
Silk and cotton camisoles are very comfortable, and these are very gentle to your skin. These attributes make them stand out of the list of the conventional bras and maybe that is the reason that these camisoles are having a fashion moment right now. The level of comfort you’ll get is just phenomenal. You would start to wish if you could wear these camisoles at some meetings or some social event. Well, many celebrities have done that. But that doesn’t mean that you wear these camis as outerwear at some business meeting. Jokes apart but trust me, these camis make your life easy. You feel relaxed and calm after wearing these camis just because of the fabrics that they are made of.
Other materials include Nylon, Lycra, spandex or a combination of the three. Stretch fabric camis are popular because they have light controlling properties and often make the wearer feel secure.
So, you can choose the material that fulfils all your needs and provides you with a level of comfort. Most of the camisoles you’ll find would be comfortable. I haven’t seen any camisole which is not comfortable. So choose wise and be ready to rock the world.

Cami Styles

The World is changing and so is fashion. Today fashion is all about feeling comfortable. There are a large number of different cami styles available today. They are given below.

Comfy undies

Comfortable wear
The authentic camisole turned into designed as a manner to hide the corset, and was at first made from cotton. Current camisoles are crafted from satin, silk, cotton, and a huge range of other materials. Many ladies choose to carry a camisole among their bra and shirt. These are very comfortable. Satin, silk camis are very comfortable.

Fashionable outerwear

fashionable outwearEven though camisoles designed as undies can be used as outerwear, there also are fashionable cami-tops that are specially designed to be used as outerwear. Those may be simple or decorated for introduced enchantment. Camisoles designed for use as an ordinary top are frequently embroidered or embellished with beads and different accessories. Cami-tops are very female, pretty garments which might be extremely elegant at some point of the warmer months.

Built-in Bra

Built-in-braCamisoles with constructed in bras are commonly produced from a cotton blend or a synthetic fibre combination. Because they come geared up with a bra, they flip two underwear objects into one. Camis with an integrated bra have turned out to be increasingly more popular because of their capability to combine objects of underclothes in a single. This creates a non-fussy alternative to several layers of apparel, making the bra camisole a big desire in colder months.

Control Camisole

Control camis are made to shape the body in a selected way. A few are designed to mould the bust area simplest, while others are created to provide the entire torso with a supportive cloth shell. Fabrics range fairly, from a cotton and Lycra mixture to spandex. The control camisole is a flexible piece of shapewear, which can be used under a pinnacle or a dress to easy uneven contours and decrease waist length. Commonly, control camis are only mildly supportive, though there are sorts that offer medium support, or even stronger guide, with the addition of a tummy manage panel.

What makes it comfortable to sleep in camisoles?

I never thought of myself as buying camisoles, but these camisoles are so super soft and smoothing. Now, I wear it under my tops that are see-through. And now, when I sleep, I always wear camisoles. It has become a crucial part of my life. The comfort level is really good. You would feel free while wearing camisoles and you will always have a good sleep. A good sleep is all we need. Once you have worn it for sleeping, You will fall asleep so easily. These camis are made up of fabrics that are so smooth, and they are natural, so they provide enough comfort. Actually, of all the night wears, camisoles are the most comfortable and soothing to sleep in.

Want To Hire Professional Garden Service? You Need To Read This First

Garden is one of the most sought-after places of the majority of people. A good garden is a little paradise with lush greenery to calm your stressful mind and vibrant blossoms ready to cheer you up anytime. But such good gardens don’t happen. Owners or professional garden services will make it occur with particular care. The latter one seems to be an excellent idea to adopt for your garden maintenance if you are staying in an urban setting with busy schedules in life. Why? Well, the reasons lie in the advantages of professional garden services which are numerous and precious.But there are more to it, so explore the four top advantages of a professional garden service below:

1. Professionalism

garden servicesThere is a big difference between doing gardening by self and hiring some professional gardening service provider. To hire a professional garden service provider, use Oneflare for it. And if you are forcing on yourself for gardening although you don’t have enough free time or required still, there is no way you’re going to make it happen. This is why professionalism is so important! Instead of stressing your schedule and wasting your time, if you hire a professional garden service, you can benefit a lot more than you think. A professional gardener is like a doctor for your precious garden who knows what it exactly needs to turn it into a perfect one, and it’s all due to their extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

From lawn-mowing to building decks and digging irrigation, some companies like Maintain Me garden services will aid you with anything you need on the regular or seasonal basis as per your requirement.

Hiring a professional gardener just means taking the best care of your garden including selecting the best flowers, putting fertilisers and pesticides, pruning and treating the distressed plants. In short, it means getting things done rightly on the right time.

2.Right Equipment

Gardening is impossible without equipment and can turn out to be a nightmare with the wrong one. Your efforts and time are likely to waste if you are not using the right equipment or if you are using the right equipment in the wrong way. Non-specialists will hardly ever have all the right tools needed for proper gardening. But if you hire a professional garden service, they will come loaded with all small and big tools needed to take care of your lush-green heavens such as lawn mower, leaf blower and fertiliser spreader, hand trowel, pruner and others. You never want to spend extra money to buy those expensive tools from the market, do you?garden maintenance equipment

Gardening experts also possess the knowledge and skills to use the equipment. No worries, you don’t need stress yourself hard about learning it by your own. So now you know how beneficial to have a professional garden service for you right.


When you have hired a professional garden service, there is no need for you to worry about setting time out of your busy schedule, stress out hard doing gardening or spend any extra money for necessary equipment. Professionals come with everything that requires for your lawn maintenance including expert skills, knowledge, right equipment and planning. They will set schedule, invest their expertise and use the right equipment to make your garden well-maintained and look beautiful. Furthermore, you can choose gtransform your garden into lush-green heavenardening services that suit your needs. Are you looking for a regular or seasonal service? Are you looking for a short-term package or a long-term one? Professional garden maintenance services have all the answers as they give you the flexibility to choose options in accordance with your requirement.gardening by professional

Since gardening requires a lot of hard work, time and skills, many homeowners think that it is a good investment for most people to hire a professional. No more worries remain once you have a professional gardener because then you have enough time for more important tasks like looking after kids, spending time with friends or family members and doing household chores. Besides, they might also assist you with waste management enhancing soil and saving more money. Simply relax and watch your garden turning beautiful with wise investment.


Persistence is the key to success, and gardening needs it too as it not a one-day job. You must give tender care continuously to your garden if you want the results you’re seeking. Only when you invest enough time for dead-heading, pinching, pruning and anything that requires attention in your garden, you will be able to transform your garden into lush-green heaven. As a homeowner, you might have your chores to do and not be able to pay enough attention for your garden. Sometimes you might be able to start gardening but not able to continue it on a regular basis which is more important. Without regular maintenance of your lawn, all the efforts you invested, in the beginning, will go to vain.landscpaing services regularly by tradesmen

Hiring a professional garden service has the advantage that you exactly need. With a garden maintenance service, you will receive regular maintenance based on fixed schedule for your garden. It’s all about moving towards the ultimate goal by making persistent efforts.


Since gardening is the act of both hard work and precision, it is best to hire a qualified, knowledgeable and experienced garden service provider than forcefully trying to make it happen out of your busy schedule because it will be both wastes your time and strain your lifestyle. Why would you lose peace for a garden when it is for the very peace that you ultimately need a garden? So seek out for professional help today. Tell them about your wants so that they can help you to accomplish the garden of your dreams! Enjoy!!!